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About Arts Council / Get Involved

The Brantingham Arts Council is a committee of the Brantingham Community Association (BCA). We, Roger and Fran Abbey, are the new chair persons. Our purpose is to provide logistical support for the development, promotion, and staging of organized summer activity in the greater Brantingham Community.

The primary focus of BCA is to enhance the Brantingham Experience for Brantingham Area owners, family, guests, and visitors to the community. To that end, Fran and I see ourselves as facilitators/logistic coordinators. You ask we want to our response is how can we help to get you there. We can provide support by finding a location, helping with signage, advertising and promotion, and day of the event venue needs.

From public input we received, the following are the identified classifications for extra Summer Fun:
Concert Series, Walks and Trail Rides, Workshops, Children's Rec, Special Events

We have found real talent in Brantingham. NOW, what would you like to do? How can we help?

Let's fill the 2019 calendar!

Contact Info:
Roger & Fran Abbey
5432 N. Shore Road, Brantingham, NY 13312-28
Roger Abbey ..cell 315-408-7416
Fran Abbey ..cell 315-323-2733

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