Brantingham Lake New York Adirondack Foot Hills

About BCA

The Brantingham Community Association (BCA) is a non-profit volunteer organization encompassing 350 members from the Brantingham area including Brantingham Lake, Lily Pond, Lake of the Pines, Pleasant Lake, Burr Pond, Long Pond, Dwyer Pond and surrounding areas. BCA is organized to promote members rights, represent members, foster community participation, protect the environment, provide social activities and related purposes.


Some of BCA's principal pursuits include lake management, fish stocking, boating safety, governmental relations, insect control, signs, social events, community communications and support for other community endeavors. BCA publishes a Directory and two Newsletters annually. BCA is a member of the NY State Federation of Lake Associations. BCA is also involved with the Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program and the Adirondack Lake Assessment Program.

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